Top 10 Tweets from #RestaurantWeek – Day 1

This week is #RestaurantWeek on Twitter. A brilliant opportunity for restaurants all across the UK to showcase their establishments, show off their culinary expertise and hopefully gain some new followers (and ultimately paying customers).

Simply search for the main hashtag #RestaurantWeek and the following daily hashtags to follow all the activity and join in the fun:

Monday 2nd June – #askthechef
Tuesday 3rd June – #DayInTheLife
Wednesday 4th June – #RestaurantSelfies
Thursday 5th June – #KitchenSkills
Friday 6th June – #MyFavouriteRestaurant
Saturday – #FoodiePhotos
Sunday – #OurStory

Today I have read many many tweets and have been impressed with the number of restaurants embracing this celebration of the industry. I definately feel in the mood for some serious cooking and of course eating – especially Truffled Mac & Cheese!

Here are my top 10 tweets from today:

1. @JonesShoreditch 

2. @WeAreZizzi Top Tip: Slippery avocado? Slice it when it’s still in it’s skin, much easier! #AskTheChef#RestaurantWeek

3. @TheDiningRoomEd when choosing our ingredients the most important are: #seasonality #quality #sustainability #local #eatscottish #askthechef #RestaurantWeek

4. @theScarletHotel

5. @GustoHeswall #RestaurantWeek #AskTheChef For perfect poached eggs, drop them in boiling water in the shell for 10 secs then crack them open & poach!

6. @steakedinburgh So our first tip from #askthechef on how to cook the BEST Steak – Always cook your Steak from room temperature #RestaurantWeek

7. @FavouriteTables Our question for #askthechef today: Is it a good or bad thing, customers taking pictures #Foodporn in your restaurant #RestaurantWeek

8. @IffleyBlue To make the best crackling allow the pork to come to room temperature before roasting. #askthechef #RestaurantWeek

9. @RockliffeHall Words of wisdom from Executive Chef @Paulhagakure “The best sense to use in the kitchen – common sense!” #AsktheChef #RestaurantWeek

10. @WeAreZizzi Top Pasta Tip: Add salt but no oil to boiling water – oil coats the pasta & prevents the sauce from absorbing #AskTheChef #RestaurantWeek

I am also tweeting about Restaurant Week with our brilliant kitchen and restaurant team at @BlythswoodSQ (Glasgow) – giving handy cooking tips and a glimpse into the life of a busy working kitchen. We have lots to come this week including foodie photos from our a la carte menu and competitions, so watch this space.