Spiralized Courgette Carbonara

Spiralized Courgette Carbonara

Spiralized vegetables seem to be all the rage at the moment and I have to admit, when I saw them on Saturday Kitchen a few weekends ago, they really appeal to me. Seems like a good way to eat a little healthier and maybe get some more veg into our 3 year old.

I took the plunge and bought an Andrew James Tri Blade Vegetable Slicer from Amazon. It had good reviews and wasn’t ridiculously expensive. £18.99 reduced from £29.99. Once the email came through to say it had been despatched I am ashamed to say I was a little excited and couldn’t wait to try it out (I clearly don’t get out enough).

In our household we love a good Carbonara – made with white spaghetti, double cream and lots and lots of cheese. However, with our nuptials coming up next year it is perhaps a good time to start cutting back and losing a few pounds. My absolute downfall with diets is eating too many carbs. I love pasta, potatoes and bread and find it really difficult to reduce them. The spiralizer seems to be a good option to make veg a bit more exciting and replace those white starchy foods.

When the spiralizer arrived I took it out the box and read the instructions. It is super easy to use and has a little storage section on the side for its different blade options. It can make spaghetti sized spirals, ribbons and slices. I choose spaghetti for my carbonara.

So far so good. They looked very nice and just the right size.

Vegetable Spiralizer
Vegetable Spiralizer
Spiralized Courgettes
Spiralized Courgettes

I decided to steam the courgettes to make them a little softer. Just for a couple of minutes. Then I added my carbonara mixture (see recipe below).

The result was pretty and very tasty. Even my 3 year old wanted more – what a great way to get extra vegetables into them :-). My only hiccup was steaming the courgettes. I think it made them a little watery. Next time I will just add the mixture to courgettes and let the sauce heat them through slightly.

Spiralized Courgette Carbonara
Spiralized Courgette Carbonara

Spiralized Courgette Carbonara Recipe

4 courgettes (spiralized)
2 tablespoons low fat crème fraîche
100g pancetta
100g Parmesan cheese (grated)
2 eggs
Salt and pepper


Spiralize your courgettes and set to one side in a pan.

Add the pancetta to a small frying pan and cook until nice and crispy (or how you prefer).

Add the crème fraîche, cheese, eggs and salt and pepper into a bowl and mix together.

Add the mixture and the pancetta to the courgettes and heat in pan for a couple of mins so it heats all the way through.

Add more salt and pepper if required.

Put in bowls and sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese on top.

Serve straight away.