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10 Reasons to Say Thank You to Mum

I have always had a great relationship with my Mum, I love her unconditionally and since becoming a Mother myself I now have a much deeper appreciation for all the things she has taught me through the years. As you try to be the best parent you can be you realise all the things, big and small, that your own Mum taught you growing up and is still teaching you today!

So to celebrate Mother’s Day here is a list of reasons why I would like to thank my Mum:

1. She is always at the end of the phone.
No matter if its 7am or midnight she always answers the phone to discuss whatever crisis we might be in and offers her advice.

2. She solves all our problems (well tries damn hard to).
From parenting issues, work issues, relationship issues and all in between, she helps us find a solution.

3. She is the voice of experience
She isn’t making things up as she goes along. She has been there and done it already and speaks from years of experience. She knows best.

4. She taught us good manners
Only since I have had a daughter myself have I realised just how much I actually appreciate those early years when I was told off for not speaking properly or being naughty at the dinner table or out in public.

5. She is a good role model
If I turned out just like her I would be doing something right.

6. She taught us how to cook
I am super grateful that I can cook for my own family. Those years in the kitchen watching Mum (and Dad) helped me learn the basics, which you never forget.

7. She is a supergran!
She adores her granddaughter and would do anything for her. She jumps at the chance to look after her (when we need a break) and never hesitates to help in any way she can.

8. She puts up with my mood swings
She knows me better than anyone else and as a result I can sometimes be snappy or grumpy with her when I don’t want to hear her opinion. Despite this she still loves me, warts n all.

9. She works hard
In everything she does, she works hard to provide for us all.

10. She looks for the positive in every situation
When I need encouragement or reassurance she knows the right words to say.

Happy Mother’s Day!!



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  1. Natalie your Mum will be be delighted with what you have written. It’s beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your lovely Mum. X

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