penguins edinburgh zoo

Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo

During a recent trip to Edinburgh Zoo we watched the penguins building their nests. I could of stood there literally all day and observed them carrying their stones, such fascinating creatures.

According to the book (available in the gift shop at the Zoo for just £1) 101 Amazing Zoo Facts, Keepers’ Secrets and incredible things you didn’t know about our animals and us:

“Penguins fill their nests with pebbles offered by eager males. But the fussy ladies will reject pebbles they think aren’t up to scratch”.

Sounds just like us humans! 😜🐧

You can witness this in my video here (Originally from Periscope):

Here is another video of the penguin parade at Edinburgh Zoo. The parade originally started in 1950 when some penguins wandered out by accident. Nowadays they simply open the gate and see if any of them fancy a walk – no pressure and no parade if they prefer to stay in their enclosure. We were lucky, 3 of them decided to come and waddle past us. 😍

Edinburgh Zoo has just announced on its Facebook page that the first gentoo penguin eggs have been laid! How exciting. We can’t wait to go back and see them when their chicks are born.