Kelly Bakewell

Beautiful, Inspiring and she loves cake

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt super ‘uncool’ and ordinary! This is how I felt on the two occasions that I met Kelly Bakewell. Now don’t get me wrong, she didn’t do anything at all to make me feel this way, in fact she was SUPER nice, listened politely while I tangled my words and tried really hard not to sound like a total dork and then happily agreed to feature on – AND she loves cake! Damn, there must be something wrong with her 🙂

Kelly Bakewell
Kelly Bakewell, Photo by Kamila Burzymowska

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you ( my latest #girlcrush) Miss Scottish Pin-Up 2015, Personal Trainer. Agent for the Designer Mr Pearl,  Musclecake Ambassador and Model Kelly Bakewell –

Have a read of her 5 minutes with interview:
Source: 5 minutes with Miss Scottish Pin-Up 2015 – Kelly Bakewell