Sheep at Gorgie Farm

Children's Parties at Gorgie City Farm

Last weekend we had a children’s party at Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh for Elodie’s birthday and it was brilliant.

Elodie has loved the farm ever since she was a baby and regularly visits to feed the animals. It is brilliant to have this little slice of the country on our city doorstep.

Saving Gorgie Farm

Earlier this year the farm announced that rising costs and a serious reduction in external funding meant it may have to close unless they could raise £100,000 quickly. We were so disappointed, then soon delighted to see the residents of Edinburgh quickly rally round and help them hit their target in under 6 weeks!

Gorgie City Farn

Community Work

Gorgie City Farm is not just a place for kids to feed animals. It provides educational activities for children and adults who wish to learn about farming and food production. It brings the local community together through its gardening project and it also provides an opportunity for socially marginalised young people to volunteer in a supported environment through its youth project.

Fundraising for the farm needs to continue to help secure its long term future and one way we can help is by having our children’s parties there. The parties generate funds and are often run by volunteers.


Elodie’s Birthday Party

So back to Elodie’s party. We arrived just before 10am and despite the rain the kids were super excited to run up and look at the animals.

Once the whole party had arrived we were taken up to the Pet Lodge where the kids (and some of the adults) had the opportunity to hold a chinchilla, rabbit, guinea pig, bearded dragon and a snake, the latter definately being the most popular.

Chinchilla Gorgie Farm
Holding the Chinchilla in the Pets Lodge at Gorgie City Farm, Edinburgh
The Bearded Dragon
The Bearded Dragon at Gorgie City Farm, Edinburgh
Snake at Gorgie City Farm
Snake at Gorgie City Farm
Snake at Gorgie City Farm
Snake at Gorgie City Farm

Next up was a walk around the farm with a big bucket of food for the kids to feed the animals.

Feeding the goats at Gorgie City Farm
Feeding the goats at Gorgie City Farm
Feeding the sheep at Gorgie City Farm
Feeding the sheep at Gorgie City Farm

After some serious hand washing we moved into the party room where the kids enjoyed music, drinks, food and goody bags  – all provided by the farm.

The only thing we had to bring for the party ourselves was the cake! Elodie’s cake was an impressive fish tank created specially by her talented Auntie Fiona – thanks Fi!

Fish Tank Birthday Cake
Fish Tank Birthday Cake

An Affordable Children’s Party Venue in Edinburgh

The party at Gorgie City Farm was excellent and I would highly recommend this as a party venue for young kids in Edinburgh. As a busy working Mum it was a relief that they could take care of everything and all we had to do was turn up on the day. It was also very reasonable priced, which is a nice change. I found when looking at other venues once you got up to 10 kids the costs were astronomical. Better still, after the party the kids can continue to play in the farm and make the most of the playground area.

Gorgie City Farm Playground
Playground at Gorgie City Farm Edinburgh

Gorgie City Farm Party Costs

(Costs as of July 2016)
£95 for up to 10 children
£142.50 for 11 to 15 children
£190 for 16-20 children (all guests 4 years +)

Find out more about children’s parties and how you can help the farm on their website

Gorgie City Farm Edinburgh