JustBe Skincare Products


I was fortunate to be invited to a showcase evening for JustBe Botanicals this week. Created and developed by the lovely Aromatherapist Gail Bryden, at the core of these products is well-being.

Gail Bryden - JustBe
Gail Bryden – JustBe

A delightful range of natural products for the face, body and home, JustBe includes skincare, candles, soaps, oils, teas and my absolute favourite – aromatherapy chocolate.

The aromatherapy chocolate is delicious and each one contains a health boosting or soul soothing ingredient including; cleansing juniper, invigorating geranium, warming clove oil or refreshing pink grapefruit.
So you can have a wee treat and help your body and mind all at the same time, without feeling guilty. Just a little bit naughty and a whole lot of good.

JustBe Aromatherapy Chocolate
JustBe Aromatherapy Chocolate

During the evening we were invited to discover what type of scent we wanted to be. These come in 6 different categories: Tranquil, Pure, Happy, Detox, Energised and Active. We smelled the oils and tried the rollerballs on our wrists to decide which we preferred. I turned out to be detox – a detoxifying blend of coconut oil, juniper oil, geranium oil and pink grapefruit oil –  ideal when you’re feeling over loaded and needing clarity. You can read about the different scents here.

JustBe Detox
JustBe Detox Scent

A real treat for us on the evening was a tasting session of delicious food created by the team of chefs at The Edinburgh School of Food and Wine where the event took place. The delicious treats had all been made using JustBe products.  Salmon infused with JustBe Loved tea and smoked with Justbe Active tea chips, Crème brûlée, served in egg shells and infused with JustBe Energised and Chocolate Lollipops infused with JustBe Detox. An inspired selection of food, which I am sure has Gail’s creative brain whirring around – watch this space.

Edinburgh School of Food and Wine
Edinburgh School of Food and Wine prepare the JustBe Salmon
Creme Brulee - JustBe
Creme Brulee

For further information about JustBe visit www.justbebotanicals.co.uk

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