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5 minutes with Mike Friton – Footwear Design Innovator at Friton Design

Have a read about Mike Friton’s career as a Footwear Innovator. A very interesting guy!

5 minutes with...

Mike FritonMike Friton’s career as a Footwear Innovator started over 30 years ago at Bowerman Lab, an athletic footwear “think tank” created by Bill Bowerman, Co-Founder of Nike. During his career he worked in Nike’s esteemed Innovative Kitchen as a Senior Innovator, where he patented 14 prototypes. In 2011, Friton left Nike to launch his own footwear prototype enterprise – Friton Design.

P1000960 Bill Bowerman

1. What inspired you to design footwear?

I loved to run and competed for many years. During my College years I started working for Bill Bowerman and building my own shoes to race in. We also worked with many athletes and patients that doctors would send to us. Our approach was based on health before performance. Most companies today focus on performance and often over look health resulting in footwear that causes injury.

2. Which of your innovations are you most proud of and why?

I think the last project I did for Nike…

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