The Great British Dog Walk in Edinburgh

The Great British Dog Walk in Edinburgh

Today we took part in The Great British Dog Walk at Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh to help raise money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and thank goodness the weather was on our side. We even enjoyed a little sunshine.

I don’t think I have ever seen so many dogs in one place before, all different breeds, shapes and sizes from Pugs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s to Rottweilers, Labradors and even 3 Newfoundlands (which actually look like big cuddly bears). It was amazing to meet so many lovely dogs and their equally lovely owners.

Dixie Lab at The Great British Dog Walk Edinburgh
Dixie Lab at The Great British Dog Walk Edinburgh

Dixie was in doggy paradise. So many chums to sniff and play with. She was super excited. So much so, I think my arm nearly came out of its socket (note to self: look up puppy lead training). She even managed to pull me right over at one point and I landed right in the mud, much to the amusement of my husband and daughter (Iain and Elodie).

The walk was divided into two groups, a gentle 5k walk or an 8k walk going over rockier and steeper terrain. We chose the gentle walk as Dixie is still a puppy and we didn’t want to push her too hard.

She loved every single minute of it and so did we.

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Hearing Dogs for Deaf People – Creating Life Changing Partnerships

Demonstration Hearing Dog at The Great British Dog Walk in Edinburgh

11.5 million people suffer from some degree of hearing loss in the UK. Last year alone Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trained 140 dogs and since the charity began in 1982 they have created 2091 partnerships.

Hearing dogs are highly trained to help a deaf person recognise danger signals and everyday sounds that we take for granted such as alarms and the doorbell. Being deaf can be very isolating, causing stress and anxiety. Hearing dogs provide companionship and help build confidence and a sense of independence.

Their help is vital and they do not receive any funding from the government. They rely solely on donations from companies, individuals and organisations.

How You Can Help

There are loads of ways you can help! Sponsor a puppy , make a donation, volunteer to become a puppy socialiser, volunteer at a training centre or simply just help spread the word. Details can be found on their website