Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage

Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage

Last night I was fortunate to be invited to The Playhouse Edinburgh for the city’s opening night of Dirty Dancing The Classic Story on Stage. One of my favourite movies of all time, I was super excited to see this iconic story come to life.

Following on from a successful Christmas season at the West End, the show is touring the UK and Ireland until the Autumn this year, with international dates in Bremen and Cannes to follow. Since the UK tour hit the road last August, demand for tickets has been overwhelming and the show has already taken a massive £10 million.

I can see why…

From the moment the music started and I heard that familiar beat my heart thumped and I was transported back to my youth. Dirty Dancing is such an evocative story. The characters, the music and the dancing, all surfacing feelings of my teenage crush years.

Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage
Lewis Griffiths
played the part of Johnny Castle and he had the swagger and the moves just right. Throughout the performance he had us girls giggling, blushing and wolf whistling. Baby was played by Kate Eccles and we laughed all the way through as she tried to learn to dance, then of course emerging (as we all know) into a beautiful dancer for the finale song I’ve had The Time of My Life.

The show featured all the classic songs including ‘Hungry Eyes’, ‘Hey! Baby’, ‘Do You Love Me?’ and many more! I was just a teeny tiny bit disappointed that ‘Shes Like The Wind’ didn’t feature more prominently.

A stand out star was Carlie Milner, who plays the part of Penny. What an incredible dancer. I was mesmerised watching her move. She also nailed all her dialogue.

The show was written by Eleanor Bergstein who wrote and co-produced the original movie and it did not fail to deliver all the classic lines from the film, many of which received a lot of cheers from the audience.

Overall, this was one of the best shows I have seen at the theatre. The whole cast were brilliant and the choreography by Gillian Bruce was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

As someone said last night…’it was like hitting the nostalgic button’, I couldn’t of put it better myself!

The show is in Edinburgh until the 17th June 2017. You can buy tickets here.

Find out more about the show on their website dirtydancingontour.com

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