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Why I will be joining in #treatfreetuesday

This week I was asked to take part in a photo shoot for Food Standards Scotland (FSS) as part of their Change Our Future healthy eating campaign. Someone let them down at the last minute and I stepped in to help a friend in desperate need of a 'real, normal woman' (i.e. not a skinny… Continue reading Why I will be joining in #treatfreetuesday

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Spicy Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

Just re-sharing this soup recipe as it is that time of year. Healthy and hot! 🙂

Bring a little warmth into your life with this spicy red pepper and sweet potato soup. Admittedly I have stolen this recipe from my Mum (with a few little extra things thrown in) but it is so quick, easy and tasty I think it is worth a mention on my blog. Oh yes my blog, how I have missed you. 2015 was such a crazy rollercoaster of a year I forgot what you looked like! So here marks my first and second new years resolutions – write more blog posts and eat healthily.

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