Porth Ceriad, North Wales

My Happy Place, Porth Ceriad

It is quite ironic that my happiest place in the world is the spot I nearly died as a young girl – Porth Ceriad, a beach on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. Floating out to sea on a dinghy, blissfully sunbathing and completely unaware of the turning tide slowly taking me out of my depth. My […]

Mum and Elodie

10 Reasons to Say Thank You to Mum

I have always had a great relationship with my Mum, I love her unconditionally and since becoming a Mother myself I now have a much deeper appreciation for all the things she has taught me through the years. As you try to be the best parent you can be you realise all the things, big […]

Wellies and Princess Dress

How to Dress a 3 Year Old

I look back fondly on those days I could choose cute and coordinated clothes for my baby daughter, Elodie. Too young to understand the concept of choice, she happily accepted what I picked out for her to wear and was content. I thoroughly enjoyed buying outfits for her – way more than buying my own […]

Natalie & Iain

My Top 10 Secret Shifters

I read ‘The Secret‘ a few years ago after going through a difficult period of my life and needing some direction. Its not everyone’s cup of tea but it helped me look at the positive side of life and realise that to be truly happy you must let go of all your bad thoughts and […]


The Day I Met Dolly

One day when I was really young (I forget how old exactly) I found an old cassette of my Mum’s by a lady called Dolly Parton. I remember listening to it out of curiosity and instantly loving that country sound. I think I may have played that tape over and over and over again until […]